In late winter of 2014, I was contacted by a long time friend and fan of Modern WPA who had become the Deputy Campaign Manager for Jonathan Brostoff's state assembly campaign. He approached me with a request to volunteer my skills to the campaign by creating promotional material for fundraisers. Even though the logo and branding was already in place, there was still a strong desire to add more visually striking material to promote the campaign. After doing some research on the candidate and his background, I agreed to lend a hand by putting my knowledge in design towards Jonathan’s campaign for the Wisconsin State Assembly.
(upper left) Bowls for Brostoff, (upper center) Pints for Progress, (upper right) Salsa Social with Jonathan Brostoff, (lower left) Plants for Progress with Jonathan Brostoff, (lower center) Jonathan Brostoff Birthday Celebration - Color, (lower right) Jonathan Brostoff Birthday Celebration - Black & White
Campaign fundraisers were to take a different approach as a means of standing out in the community. Rather than directly presenting or loudly using a patriotic theme, the direction took inspiration from Modern WPA by paring the text with the illustration together to produce a more down-to-earth presentation. To further drive individuality, each event had to have a different color palette and typographical identity. Nothing was reproduced and used a second time. While the majority of the events followed a relaxed and community-focused presentation, the birthday celebration was more formal. This required a different approach that would illustrate both the formal nature and location of the event.
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