Back in October of 2013, amid drinks and discussion shortly before filming footage for a music video, Matt Lidwin told me that he was working on a new single and would need an album cover made for it. What he then did was write out the name of it and from that, the basis of the NVRMRN album cover was made.
Handwritten note from Matt Lidwin
Quickly into this, I took notice of not what was written, but how it was arranged like a grid— two rows & six columns. I penciled in numbers to corresponding letters and from there I started laying out the structure of the new album based off of the note.
The final product for the NVRMRN album cover combined the branding style adopted by EDEN since 2011 with the arrangement of letters in Matt's note. Both the band and fans were ecstatic with look with Matt Lidwin stated that it exceeded his expectations and loved it.

Matt Lidwin’s band has been something that I’ve been proud to work along side with. It’s hard to imagine that the first work I did for him was over half a decade ago and like his music, my style has evolved and grown into something unique that standouts and makes an impression while it continues to grow and transform. EDEN is where I like to experiment with darker and grittier styles. Forcing myself to never stay content with one form or approach as I figure out how to translate another persons thoughts and ideas into reality. Every project that I have done for EDEN is an evolution from the previous work. With that in mind, I cannot wait for what may come next from this band originating from my hometown.
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